Machine-Room-Less Elevators (MRL Technology)


Most elevators, whether traction or hydraulic, require a machine room to store large electric motors (or hydraulic pumps) and a controller cabinet. However, modern day traction motors boasting gearless and permanent magnet drive can be more compact and efficient because they use electronic microprocessors instead of mechanical relays. As a result, traction elevators (A.K.A. Machine-Room-Less or MRL elevators) can be built without a dedicated room above the shaft, saving valuable space in building planning.

The new lift design presents a departure from the traditional, looped over-the-top traction rope routing of traction elevators. The ends of the cables are fixed to the supporting structure, and the length of the cable are connected to the car and counterweight by means of a force-multiplying, energy saving compound pulley system. Machine Room-less elevators have become a welcome alternative to the older hydraulic elevator for low to medium rise buildings.Machine-Room-Less (MRL) technology stands to bring rapid change to the elevator industry. Times of change bring opportunity and the potential for tapping new markets, serving new customers, and discovery of more profitable methods and processes.

Advantages from a Green Perspective

  • Creates more usable space
  • Uses less energy (70-80% less than hydraulic elevators)
  • Uses no oil
  • All components are above ground
  • Takes away the environmental concern that was created by the hydraulic cylinder being stored underground
  • Reduced costs
  • Emerging best practices


MRL energy usage comparison 

Other Advantages

  • Much lower cost than other elevators
  • Ride quality is better due to gearless traction
  • Operates at faster speeds than hydraulics
  • Noise level is at 50-55 dBA (A-weighted decibels), which is much lower than other types of elevators
    Usually used for low-rise to mid-rise buildings
  • The motor mechanism is placed in the hoistway itself


  • Additional building structure
  • Initial cost greater for 2-3 story buildings unless it is pre-engineered
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